Magic in Windowland

Nina was about to leave home for school when her moist breath inadvertently created a canvas on the glass window. As a creative girl, she began to doodle, and eventually formed a character. When her mum told her to hurry up so they won’t be late, Nina told the doodle to have fun and left for school.

The doodle character came alive and went on an interesting adventure where it encountered other doodle forms that include a girl, a superhero and a dragon. He would eventually team up with the superhero to save the girl from the dangerous dragon.

Other characters in the book include Alf, Pip, Captain Barnaby, Sue and the dragon.

Magic in Windowland is a picture book that is ideal for children. It is educative and has several lessons for kids.

It is a book children will definitely enjoy to read!


BIO: Dr Rupamanjari Majumder is a scientist working at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organisation in Göttingen, Germany. She is also an artist, a miniaturist, a mother and a published children’s book author. This is her second book and her FIRST attempt at self-publishing (fingers crossed!). She loves exploring new, unconventional methods that can help children develop their own identities. As someone who spends most of her time experimenting with new ideas, she finds that bonding is the first step in triggering mental growth and development in young children; a step that is best taken through shared reading. However, bonding can only be effective in the long term if the child sees that the parent or caregiver appreciates his/her perspective and is able to see simple things the same way he/she does. With this book (series), she wants to give little readers and their adult partners a good reason to laugh together and create a bond that they can cherish for a long time to come.

Genre: Children's