The story dwells on Robert Garcia, a five-foot eleven ex-military man turned assassin who was as ruthless as he was elusive. In trying to battle a network of terror cells that had proliferated across the United States, Robert once again had to take up a new identity as a Muslim jihadist so he can gain acceptance into the enemy fold.

After foiling the McDonalds terror attempt and killing the terrorist, Paladine unwittingly stirred a hornet’s nest as both the Muslim jihadists and ironically, the United States anti-terrorism agencies came after him. Paladine was forced to live the life of a fugitive as he continually got entangled in one risky operation after another, but it was a price he was willing to pay to help restore sanity to mankind.

Other characters in the book include Bill Carpenter, Nathan Anderson, Bryce Williamson, Aaresh Shanahwaz, Special Agent Dubrovnik, Special Agent McHenry, Virginia Linder etc.

Paladine is a thriller story that has as much action as some of the best Hollywood blockbuster movies. This Kenneth Eade’s masterpiece is a captivating book and anyone who is fond of John Grisham type of nonfiction will definitely fall in love with this book!

Genre: Adventure