When Evie suddenly fell sick and was running an extremely high temperature, her flat mate, Bri, had to call Evie’s boyfriend Austin for help. The two of them frantically battled to resuscitate a dying Evie. However, when it seemed like their effort had paid off, what sprang back to life was nothing like the Evie they used to know, instead it was a blood thirsty monster.

The First 30 Days is a gut wrenching horror book that will send shivers down the spine of its reader. The settings, suspense and sense of foreboding are so real and feel like the reader is actually experiencing the events, firsthand!

Other major characters in the book include Lisa, Dr. Gordon, Shawn, Jack, Fallon etc.

Bri couldn’t believe her eyes as the apocalypse was unraveling before her with hordes of hideous blood thirsty zombies coming after her at every turn. Staying alive in the midst of the undead seemed impossible but Bri was determined to beat the odds.

Reading this book feels very much like watching a horror movie on high definition display—it’s indeed a highly entertaining horror book that will definitely keep your heart pounding till the end!


BIO: I am a thirty something mother to one amazing daughter, who continually challenges me to be better at everything I do. Our family lives in the north east part of the US, but we love to travel and see new things.

I have had a life-long love affair with books, but didn’t work up the courage to try writing until about three years ago. After stumbling upon Wattpad, my addiction to creating these new little worlds grew. Hearing from my readers that one of my stories made them laugh, or cry, has become one of the highlights of my life. Reading can take you on an incredible journey, and if I can bring my readers even a small amount of happiness, then I consider my writing time well spent.

Genre: Horror