Angel War – by Philip Dodd – Review

I have read and re-read the book of revelation multiple times and I absolutely love Mr. Dodd’s rendering of the same. The prose style flows very well and the consistency in narrative is astounding. There is no choppy style or bad grammar here; you can feel that it has been proofread professionally, something I find lacking in a lot of books lately. The prose is lucid and easy to understand, while at the same time lacking in excessive use of imagery and usage of big words. The story of the fall of Satan has fascinated me for a long time. I had only a vague idea of how the angelic war was fought in heaven but thanks to Mr. Dodd’s wonderful imagination, I can understand exactly what happened and how it was done. Two things that made the ebook even more interesting for me than the original story are the inclusion of science fiction and technology and some extensive poetic license used by the author (such as angels bearing children). I would highly recommend it to liberal Christians as well as any sci-fi and fantasy fanatic

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