You Can’t Just Snap Out Of It: The Real Path to Recovery From Psychological Trauma: Introducing the START-NOW Program – by J. Douglas Bremner – Review

This is a great ebook. Actually I would call it a large piece of gold – maybe it is worth more than even that! I have read a lot of self-help ebooks but this is the only that takes you from a brief intro into PTSD, depression and other psychological issues, to discussing the drugs you can use to get relief, to psychotherapy treatments (this is what I personally recommend over drugs. it has a lot of helpful exercises that anyone can use to get rid of stress, depression, insomnia, and lots more) – many of which you can do on your own.

Then of course there is the famous START-now program which would probably help you more than any therapist would. I loved the fact that the author also included anecdotes from his own life in the ebook. It goes on to show the man is a genuine guy with nothing to hide, one who has been through some of what a typical PTSD patient goes through and as such, understands the issue a lot better than the therapists who ask you to ‘get over it’ and get judgmental about you without offering you any kind of empathy (yes I have been the victim of such shrinks and I am glad to get rid of them before it was too late) do. As a depression sufferer, this ebook offered me more than what I had expected. Best of all, the man is easily accessible – I asked him a lot of questions to which he replied very promptly. I think I trust him more than anyone else; if I face a problem he would probably be the one I would seek advice from at first before I seek help from anyone else.

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