Under My Skin: Paris Contemporary Romance (Bistro La Bohème Book 2) – by Alix Nichols – Review

I found the attraction at the start all too easy and convenient; it was as though the author’s way of teaching us readers that if you wanna get girls you need to become muscular and cannot afford to remain thin. Myself I am a bit offended by this line because I am slim myself and also it is not like thin men don’t get dates (thank goodness, or we would all die lonely bachelors):

“Thin,” she finally said. “Anorexic thin. And his hair was like an explosion in a spaghetti factory, and he had these bulging eyes—”

If someone were not dating me when I was thin and was now attracted to me coz I am a hunk, I for one would never date such a shallow person. Life is too short and options too plentiful. Generally speaking, and nothing to do with this book’s story, I would like to say that while appearances should influence attraction in a dating scenario, if it does to this extent, then it is not something worth going after.

However as the story progressed, the romantic plot gained more depth. You soon find out that there is more to Jean and Mat than a sudden lustful attraction. Soon the story progresses from being just another erotica book to a mature romance book.

” She loved him. Standing before her pouring out his heart was the man of her dreams. She wanted him in every way a woman could want a man. In her bed. In her home. In her life. Hiding this from him might be reasonable. And fair. But who cared about those things in a medical emergency? Because this was a medical emergency. Her heart was so swollen with love that if she refused to let it out sometime soon, she feared it might explode.”

My advice for readers is: don’t judge the book by its first few pages and hold on until you dig a bit further; you will be richly rewarded. Unfortunately Rob and Lena’s love story is not as maturely handled, in fact this passage alone illustrates how lightly it was treated, ” “Lena and Rob, your love is one of those rare, magical things that’s impossible to talk about without sounding like a sappy cornball.” Quite a good book recommended for fans of erotica and romance alike.

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