Best-Selling Author Plan – by Tony Thorne MBE – Review

Very inspiring book, but I have issues with the story of the maverick writer

This book has one of the best lines I’ve ever read, “Trials and tribulations presumably scatter in the breeze with the dust of the thing as it crumbles in your fist, or shatters under your heel.” Wow, truer words were never said before. The intro that explains why you might consider writing as a therapy is quite humorous and original; I know that you can use writing for therapy, but I have never seen it explained like this anywhere else before. The autobiographical note is extremely inspiring; any wannabe writer who is on the fence about taking the plunge should read it and especially re-read this passage several times – “if you don’t have the time to be a perfectionist, there can be contentment in accepting adequacy, defined perhaps as the acceptable limit of one’s abilities. I also suspect that the trick is to never give up until you get as far as you truly believe you can, or maybe stop just before that.” What follows is an account of a how a person became a bestselling writer – the account illustrates the aforesaid passage quite well.

My issue, with the story of the maverick writer, is that he follows a rather unethical route of using the signature of an eminent writer in order to build his own career, something that I would not ever do, would I?

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