Brothers in Atlantis: An Erotic Gay Novella – by Michael Mardel – Review

The story is quite decent, in fact a bit too decent to be called erotica. I have read a lot of erotica books and even though I am not gay, they have all managed to make me horny at some point of time or other. But not this one. I enjoyed it as a weird tale mixed with action, adventure and a little fantasy, but unfortunately, unlike Robert who “had a wonderful orgasm” I cannot say the same for myself. The language is too poetic and style too ornate to really fit into the erotica genre. That said, the story is otherwise enjoyable and in fact certain dialogs and expression would resonate quite well with men who have not been laid for years (like for example, 40-year old virgin man)

“How much seed had he given up this night?”

“I’m very tired. I think I have ejaculated five times at least and I hope my seed is finding a worthy recipient.”

Both these expressions would resonate with any virgin man who has masturbated for too long without any chance of getting real sex; to him his masturbation seems like a never-ending act of wasting precious life source. It also tells you how hard the life of a monastery priest is (although these days, hardly any priest remains celibate for long) if he follows the strict code of conduct as laid down in the rulebook. All throughout the story you can feel the desperation and excitement of Robert who has been denied the pleasures of a conjugal life for so long that all his pent-up feelings are suddenly crying for a release. It is a somewhat humorous and occasionally edifying book on sex life, but as far as erotica is concerned, it fails miserably, for me anyway. The ending was also somewhat predictable and anti-climactic. The author would do well by making the ‘first coupling’ scene a bit more exaggerated for dramatic effect; given the kind of story it is – it should not look like a routine sex affair! The author should also change the cover, which makes the novel look like a pirate adventure story

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