Tippy Boo – Fun Day Out – by Fazilla Shujaat – Review

This is a very nice and enjoyable story meant for little kids. Well, let me rephrase that: the story itself is not even half as enjoyable as the pictures included. Wow, just wow, I wish the author had made the story longer so I could see more of those exquisite and beautiful pictures. Suffice it to say, although I don’t think too highly of the story itself, I am going to keep it with me forever just for the pictures. In other words as far as I am concerned, the pictures, rather than the story itself, basically MAKE this book interesting. The story could do really well with a little bit of extra complication, forces of evil (does not have to be a new character; nature/space could itself be presented as an antagonist), a little bit of humor, and of course, MORE pictures. With that said, I believe the author is a very talented artist and if s/he is available for hire I am going to hire him/her when I have a pictorial story book coming. Caveat emptor: the story is so sweet that I almost got a toothache, ha-ha! 😛

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