Manhattan Affair – by Jack Sussek – Review

The beginning of the book suffers from too much descriptions and too little action: it also suffers from a lack of editing. But if are a patient reader then you won’t let that put you down; nay, you would instead dig deeper, enjoy reading about the relationship between Katharine and Jed, which is like, the epitome of relationships; I would love to have someone like Katharine in my life. Lastly, you would also wait to enjoy the thrilling ride of the second half of the plot which culminates in a twisted, unexpected ending.

This is a great book even if you are not interested in mystery thrillers; if you are a fan of Manhattan like me, you would love it. I am yet to find another book which paints such a detailed and vivid picture of the city. In fact, the last thing was the very reason why I had started reading this book in the first place; that it turned out to be an erotic thriller with a twist at the end was a positive bonus for me. The dialogs are very realistically done, keeping in mind the mental state of the character. Consider this:

“One thing disturbs me, though, Mr. Chase,” Rodriguez said.

“What’s that?”

“What you said about the gun, that all you knew was that she told you she had one but that you’d never seen it. Didn’t you say that?”

My heart jumped. I knew where this was leading. “Yes,” I said. I swallowed hard, ready for Rodriguez to reply.

“Well one of the tapes indicates otherwise,” he said. He looked at me, his face hard, unmoving.

“Well,” I stammered. I could feel my face reddening. “I, uh, if it’s of what I think it is, perhaps, uh, you can understand my reluctance to mention it.” Morris looked at me. He was clearly puzzled.”

Beware though, the sex scenes are not tame; rather they are graphic and might not be suitable to everyone’s tastes. I have read a lot of erotica books but nothing so emotionally exciting and thrilling as this one. Recommended for open minded readers.

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