Psychology Walkabout: a dictionary of commonly-confused psychology terms – by Michael Mardel – Review

Psychology has always been a favorite subject of mine. How the human mind works, why it thinks the way it thinks, why it causes pain and misery as well as love and friendships, and so many more such questions have always intrigued and fascinated my mind. I have not ever studied it as a college subject but have read enough books to gain a firsthand knowledge on human psychology. I am glad to have stumbled on this dictionary because there have been many a times when I got this big, bad word staring in front of my nose and I didn’t know its meaning; as any reader would understand, situations such as these can prove to be big a stumbling block to smooth reading. Conventional English dictionaries won’t help you or even if they do, the help they offer won’t just be enough. Thanks to Mr. Mardel there is now a full-fledged professional dictionary on the subject that I can keep handy and consult with whenever I want to! Some terms he’s discussed in the book are as follows:

* “Avoidance learning: aversive stimuli before it occurs.”

* “Confirmation bias (INDUCTIVE REASONING): tendency to search for information that confirms one’s preconceptions.”

* “Jetlag: rapid shift in time zone causes de-synchronisation with external ZEITGEBER. Solution: adjust sleep/wake cycle to new time zone using PHASE ADVANCE or PHASE DELAY to change X OSILATOR (body temperature). West = PHASE DELAY—gain time (best time to travel). East = PHASE ADVANCE—lose time. Only sleep at the new time zone’s night time when arrive in order to maximise one’s exposure to sunlight. Therefore, travel west in the afternoon, and travel east in the morning.”

As you can well understand, this book is a real keeper. I suggest that if you have even a remote interest in the subject then do yourself a favor – get your hands on this book and read all the 63 pages: NOW!

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