Drunk in Love: MM Romance (More Than Friends Book 2) – by Aria Grace – Review

I used to have a low opinion about sequels – I believed that they are inferior to their originals. However, after reading this author’s work I think I will have to change that opinion. The dialog changes from licentious to humorous and light-hearted (when sex is not involved) to keep it from getting monotonous. Ryan is a tad more confident about his sexuality than in the first ebook but is insecure about the future of his relationship with Zach. It is good to see that these characters are living a real life filled with their own self-doubts and aspirations – which sometimes goes above and beyond their sexual activities; most erotica books only limit themselves to bedroom and sex filled by cardboard characters. The dialog with other characters are more or less cursory, which is how it should be so as to keep the main story from getting off-balance in the quagmire of subplots and lose its focus on the romance.

The sex in it was better than the first, but what I actually liked was the spark of tension between the two male leads when a third male – Zach’s ex – enters the scene. On the surface it seems that Zach has still got some soft feelings for his ex. The relationship between Ryan and Zach won’t be the same again. Will Zach go back to his ex, Steve or let go of the temptation and start living happily with Ryan?

A lot of people seem to be saying that sex is hotter in this ebook compared to the first, which is true, but I think what they missed is that the relationship with Zach and Ryan has got a notch higher in the level of maturity. What they did in the first ebook was nothing more than a fling; in the sequel they were in for a serious relationship, and as you know, any serious relationship has its share of ups and downs. Ryan and Zach’s relationship too had to go through all such ups and downs of a typical relationship but I love how the story ends on a happy ending that had me close to tears.

I love how detailed and enriched the characters were; nothing was amiss, be it the sexual relationship between Ryan and Zach, the three-way sex with Steve or the flirtatious behavior between Ryan and Luke – you can tell that the author has clearly an eye for detail.

I love the author’s writing style and this ebook is a page turner just as the first one was. The only downside is that the female characters were not portrayed as well as the males. In any case, I cannot wait to read the third installment.

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