God Child: An inspirational, contemporary religious novel with a hunch of spirituality (The Grand Awakening Book 1) – by Stefan Emunds – Review

Written in the form of a diary maintained by a pastor called George Mykal Ferluci, this book covers a person’s search for truth through the cloud of the ‘unknown’ as well as his spiritual awakening. At times I felt that the Voice (whose power is so overwhelmingly infinite), rather than George, is the real hero of the novel. The prose is quite ornamental and not exactly what I would call ‘lucid’. However it is also not too jarring or hard to figure out, provided that you give it the time and patience it requires to let it sink into your mind and soul.

Below I quote some of the interesting lines and passages from the book:

“People look at me and say that I think too much, and I have to agree – thinking is my second nature.”

“As I heeded its invitation, a wave of brilliant light hit me, flooding and charging me with an incredible livingness”

“Life is supposed to be lived. Your little ego needs to live out all those immature or common desires.”

“Accordingly, common life is a string of identity crises,” the voice elaborates. “Once in a while people shrug off their old personalities like snakes shed their skins. Thus, they stumble from one little ego to the next, until they get sick and tired and reach out to their true identity.”

My personal favorite is the diary entry called ‘September 1, 2012, The Celestial Seed’. Overall the book is both a spiritual advisor as well as an interesting novel surrounding the life of a pastor and his Christian faith. Its dense text may however discourage those who want spiritual advice but are not too much into such heavily-worded, deeply philosophical books. That, is perhaps its only flaw. Otherwise, in terms of overall quality it is right on par with James Redfield’s “The Celestine Prophecy”!

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