Dangerous Reflections: A Historical Fantasy through Time – by Karla Tipton – Review

Imagine that you are a girl entrusted by your grandmother to save someone from death, someone who lived in distant past, and the only man who can offer you help is a man you had a relationship with and had come to loathe; he offers a rather sick (but predictable, given their past) deal to you. What would you do? Well, an ordinary girl would fall for that deal, but Martie is no ordinary girl; unknown to her, she is a wizard (as revealed to her by Professor Marcus). She takes it upon herself to do everything on her own to fulfill her grandmother’s wish. But will she be able to do it? And what misadventures would follow? Well, I would save the spoilers for you.

Right from the emotional manipulation of Martie by the crooked professor to her adventures with another wizard like her, Alastor, the writing is extremely focused and the characters highly engaging. The dialogs are appropriate for the situation. Martie speaks in one style, Judith (her grandma) in another and Alastor in an even odder way. There are plenty of weird characters in it (as one would expect from a time travel book) but no matter how weird they are, all of them have been carefully etched in a way that you feel that they come with their individual heart and soul. Look how easily a reader can comprehend the mind of a character as well as the situation she’s in at the same time:

“She went in. It was warm and cozy inside, and the light muted. She shrugged off her cloak and hung it on the rack, as usual. Except something felt different, an odd sensation: a sharpening of her consciousness, a tightening awareness—a presence in the house.”

This is a world where human beings, wizards, angels, and so on inhabit. There is both magic and realism, romance and fantasy in this book. I simply cannot recommend it enough. Whether you are old or young, you are gonna love it!

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