Most common questions about surviving emotional abuse…and the answers – by Michael Mardel and Patrick de Ferreira – Review

In this day and age, unfortunately that is, emotional abuse in relationships has become more rampant and commonplace than ever. I would probably lose count if I try to remember how many psycho dates I have encountered in my life. But that is not as bad as living day and night with someone who abuses you physically and mentally, and continue living with that person year after year. I don’t know how people manage to live with emotionally abusive people, but needless to say, doing so takes a toll on their mental health and dims their self-esteem. Signs and symptoms that prove that you are in an emotionally abusive and draining relationship (quoted from the book itself) are:

” Do you fit any of the following criteria of an abused person? 1. Intense need for love and affection. 2. Low self-esteem. 3. Drug or alcohol dependence. 4. A background of abuse, physical, sexual or emotional. 5. Enforced isolation leading to resentment. 6. Co-dependent personality disorder or addiction. 7. Belief that “it will change if I try harder”. 8. Repeated attempts to leave the relationship.”

This book comes like a breath of fresh air because it mostly focuses on men (the common belief that women are always the passive victims and the males the aggressive abusers, is just a myth – perpetuated by feminists – as this book proves); there are not many books available which focuses on abuse inflicted by female partners on their male victims. The book offers you a typical example of a cuckolded husband, but that is of course one of the many abuses a female can inflict on a man, and thankfully, this book offers a comprehensive guide in the form of questionnaire which you can use to ask yourself repeatedly if you deserve all the crap you get from your female partner and also where you actually stand in the relationship (forget about love, do you even get your due respect at all from your partner?)

If you have never had the time to reflect on your relationship, this ebook enables you to look at your relationship in a more objective manner. If you are facing emotional abuse regularly from your partner but don’t know what to do about it then this book offers you some simple tips and techniques on how to get out of such an emotionally abusive relationship (and the answer is not always an expensive divorce, mind you; you can turn the tables in your favor without spending much money). Highly recommend for all men, those who are already in abusive relationships as well as those who are looking for a partner; it is especially a must-read for the feminists out there. 5 stars for a job well done by Mr.Mardel

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