Harry Watt, Bounty Hunter: 2150 AD – And Harry’s Life Just Got More Complicated – by Rob Guy – Review

A powerful and engaging ‘extra terrestrial’ adventure – that is how I would describe this book. Harry the bounty hunter is sent on a mission: bringing back a famed hydrologist who’s now a fugitive, to justice. However, our Harry is not a typical follower of orders he’s given! Will Harry be successful in a mission which involves domains beyond earth (Venus, Mars)? Well you can find the answer in the novel itself.

The characters are engaging and multi-dimensional. Harry is not someone who is new to murders (“He was nineteen when his father was gunned down and killed for the sake of twenty credits.”) yet he shivers when he becomes a ‘bloody murder suspect’ himself: “This truly is the end. I’ve killed the most popular mascot in the System, I’m a murder suspect, and I’m about to be beaten to a pulp by a twenty-something, forty-five kilogram redhead. Oh death where is thy sting?” This in turn lends abundant credibility to his character

The dialogs are sometimes impressive while at other times they are not. If archaic words are used in dialogs, you also get modern swear words along with that! Somehow, sometimes I felt that Harry’s dialogs don’t go quite well with his character (“You were never really good at swearing Harry” – so true, I feel the same too) but at other times they do fit him quite well. The main saving grace here are the almost poetic descriptions which make my jaws open with wonder – marveling at the sheer poetic capabilities of the author:

“Instinct forced him into the foetal position and he lay there for the next five minutes, unaware of the world, his troubles pounding on his mind and body like Satan himself, with the entire horde of tortured souls of Hades thrown in for good measure.”

Those are the stuff I enjoyed more than the action of the novel itself, although if action is your only cup of tea, then this book is quite fit for you. The story has novelty, there is plenty of action no doubt, the characters are multifaceted, I wish the dialogs were a little better but the cool ending at the end made up for it. Highly recommended for a lazy evening read!

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