Life Lessons From Nature: Motivational Speaker, Military Strategist, Political Advisor, Scientist & Engineer, Foster Parent – by Elvis Newman – Review

An excellent motivational guide for the lethargic and depressed souls out there

How many times have you put some of your most ambitious projects in the backburner simply because you thought that you were not ‘good enough’ for it or that the right time to start the project hasn’t approached yet? I know I have. This book sorta hit me with a large brick: I have been guilty of procrastination as much as anyone else.

I would also set unrealistic goals for myself, not giving myself enough time to eat or sleep and consequently the level of my performance was poor to mediocre. If that is not enough I would also be distracted now and then to other things such as social media (facebook, YouTube), chatting, etc. These are innocuous distractions but they are sureshot time-killers. Thankfully, the author uses awesome animal-based analogies to illustrate how harmful these kinds of distractions can really prove to be in the long run. As always moderation is the key.

Even if you start a project with all the enthusiasm you can garner, you will go through a lot of hardships and setbacks (including your very well-meaning ‘friends’ with their typical herd mentality who will subtly dictate you that you should do something else other than not what you are currently doing) which will at times make you rethink your position and tempt you to pause or stop your task. The way our mind works, soon you will find enough blemishes in your performance which will justify your withdrawal perfectly, but is quitting really the answer? Read the ebook to find out.

Innate talent is something that few of us are born with, family support is something you cannot always count on (you may or may not get it) but with focus, practice and determination we can still reach our goals in spite of all odds; equally, it is important to work on your strengths and stop focusing on your weaknesses.

Those are some of the many lessons I learned from this valuable ebook. DO NOT mistake it for just another cheesy and ‘preachy’ ebook full of empty morals; the author has taken time to illustrate each and every moral through the way nature works and animals survive. Somehow I felt that animals seem to be leading a better life, full of a sense of PURPOSE, something which we humans seriously lack. I highly recommend it to anyone out there: whether you are a wannabe artist or a successful corporate honcho, you NEED to read this ebook, period.

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