Macabre Tales – by Tony Thorne MBE – Review

These are kids’ stories with deep moral messages attached to them. They are not exactly what I would call ‘macabre’ but one thing I can say is that the kids will find them entertaining and secondly, the stories are often full of mystery and suspense. The first story, ‘shape shift’ took me by surprise as I had never read about a story of a shape shifting clay idol before. You must read it to believe it and at the end of it, the author asks not to ill treat animals! Very neat! The ‘ideal home’ is a story which read like a spooky tale at first but clearly there was more to it than meets the eye; it was a creepy and cleverly told story about murder. The ‘slimming plan’ was perhaps the most suspenseful of them all: you won’t know whether the death occurred as a result or murder or suicide until the very end! Masterfully told in a lucid language, these stories are bound to entertain adult readers as well. Highly recommended for a cozy afternoon read.

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