Corr Syl the Terrible – by Garry Rogers – Review

Having already read the first part I was waiting for this sequel with anticipation. Thank goodness the author didn’t take too long in releasing the same, thereby offering me some relief. 🙂 Just like the previous book this is also about animals that are much more intelligent than us humans. Stories like these often remind of Aesop’s fables. Imagine living in a world like that! I am quite sure if animals were to rule the earth it would be a whole lot better than what it is. This book runs in the same vein as its predecessor with a number of twists and turns. There is something for everybody in this ebook: politics, betrayal, romance, friendship and then some more.

BTW, I wonder if I am the only one who is reminded of Satan’s temptation of Eve after reading this passage:

“He does have a secret. He hides it behind a simple shield that I could burn through in a second, but I won’t. Let him have his little secret, Rhya thought.”

Likewise, the following passage describes Zhou’s tyranny and paranoia at the same time:

“Zhou’s interest soared. After many years of deception and betrayal, Zhou was himself incapable of trust. He insured the loyalty of his generals and ambassadors with bribery, blackmail, kidnapping, and, when necessary, assassination. The one thing he needed most was better knowledge of his generals’ intentions. He had them watched, but he couldn’t intercept all their messages or anticipate their plans.”

Overall, I suggest you definitely check out this book (as well as its prequel). The ending has a simple and positive message for the readers. See if you can fathom it.

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