Just Stay: M/M Romance (More Than Friends Book 4) – by Aria Grace – Review

Told from the point of views of Spencer and Dylan respectively (the POV changes by chapter), the story takes off from where Dylan got hit while trying to save Spencer from the onslaught of the Mafioso family. The opening line is extremely intriguing and the style probably more fast-paced compared to the relaxed style of the previous ebook. The dialogs of each character are easily distinguishable from those of the other. Midway the language gets more sexual; of course that is where the real tension begins (“His lips pressed to mine. His strong muscles holding me”). What stood out for me in this fourth ebook was that the romance and the characters were more mature and realistic than the other ebooks. It is less of an erotica and more of a mature romance ebook. Aria is getting better at this. Highly recommended.

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