Extraordinary Detour

Extraordinary Detour is a nonfiction book about a devout Christian couple who experienced the vicissitudes of life. Penelope and her husband Ron did their utmost best so they could earn a basic living standard but when they thought there was a silver lining at the end of a dark tunnel, what would have been a terrible tragedy struck.

Penelope was suddenly contending with extreme difficulties in a race against time, but when it all seemed hopeless, she held on to her faith.

Some of the characters in the book include Bruce, Andrew, Jonathan, David, Josh, Ron, Jackie, Gary, Lisa, Kay, and Elis among others.

Extraordinary Detour is a touching true life story that resonates with the saying about life not being a bed of roses. It teaches a great lesson that nothing should be taken for granted and good moments ought to be cherished while hard times are to be surmounted with courage, optimism and trust in God.

This is a highly recommendable book that will surely make anyone to have a sober reflection on their lives.


BIO: Penelope grew up in a small Midwest town where she enjoyed a good Nancy Drew mystery, dancing to the Jackson 5, and raising bunnies until they chewed their way out to freedom. You’ll probably hear her say “pop” for “soda” and the occasional “Okie Dokie.” She despises all things winter, so she resides in sunny Florida where it never snows and everything is always in bloom.

Genre: Memoir, Spiritual