Epiphany has succeeded in bringing her entire family, made up of her aged mother, son and granddaughter, to live with her in Florida. However, things were beginning to get a lot more complicated. Little Maddie was already showing signs of possessing the same supernatural gift her grandmother was born with…

Other characters in the book include Michael, Maddie, Derrick Rarian, Maro Gaido, Ken Wollins, Rachel Springer, Gilberto Cabrera, Hayden Camden etc.

Maro has been trying to trace artifacts that were stolen from the Bagdad museum, during the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq; without much success and he thought Epiphany could be of help. He hardly believes in psychics and their works, but Epiphany had always produced amazing results during investigations that would ordinarily have been near impossible to crack. This time, Epiphany could help track down the elusive Derrick Rarian and his syndicate.

Key to Eternity is a sequel to Epiphany’s Gift, and just like it, this book is a classic paranormal novel that is exciting to read.


BIO: Mallory O’Connor is a writer, an art historian, and a musician. She holds degrees in art, art history, and American history from Ohio University. For twenty years she taught art history at the University of Florida and at Santa Fe College. During this time, she also wrote hundreds of magazine articles and critical essays, and curated numerous exhibitions for museums and galleries. She is the author of two non-fiction books, Lost Cities of the Ancient Southeast and Florida’s American Heritage River, both published by the University Press of Florida. She is also the author of several novels including the American River Trilogy, published by Archway Publishers. Her fourth novel, Epiphany’s Gift, was released in April, 2019.

Genre: Paranormal, Science Fiction, Thriller