Rock And Roll Children

Inspired by the Beatles, a group of 5 rock star boys had wanted to change the world using music as a tool. However, not all utopian dreams would eventually come to pass as they put up a spirited fight, enjoying the highs and enduring the lows.

Nevertheless, the beauty of living a “crazy” life during one’s youth is the opportunity it provides to create great moments we will remember with nostalgia during old age. Just like some other kids growing up in the 1980’s America, Sean had enough of such adventurous moments to last more than a lifetime. Through Sean’s eyes, Rock and Roll Children captured what life used to be like back during the 80’s in a thrilling way.

Other major characters in the book include Bob, Jak, Mike, Ron, and Ann.

One peculiar thing about nonfiction books is how natural and relatable they can be. This book is refreshing and enjoyable to read, and will certainly bring back memories of the good old days and how much the world has changed since then.

Genre: Biography, Memoir