The Way We Were

This nonfiction is a true life story like no other, as Jimmy, alongside three other main characters recounted the fads, technology, politics and indeed the sights and sounds of that era complete with pictures!


This book is not only entertaining to read but also has a plot that dwells on a global problem that is not getting the commensurate attention that ought to be given to it i.e. the multi-billion dollar human organ harvesting …

Purple Michaelmas

Purple Michaelmas is an intriguing book about love, family life, spirituality and adventure. It has a unique plot as well as interesting characters thus giving rise to a highly enjoyable story.

Fateful Hope

Fateful Hope was written in a back and forth manner between the past and present. A captivating story about love, adventure and determination—a book most people would find entertaining to read.

The Rise of Riverstone

The Rise of Riverstone has a medieval plot and an interesting storyline. At 637 pages, the book is indeed voluminous but the thrilling aspect of it is that it’s absolutely enjoyable from the beginning to the end.

Global Vice

Global Vice is a classic thriller with a captivating plot that involves crime, human trafficking and also romance. It reveals some shocking nefarious activities that are currently going on globally with very little attention paid to it. This is a …

The Band Room

The Band Room is an entertaining book that captures not only the sort of things that happen in high school but also the larger society. It is absolutely worth reading!


What could be considered most unique and enchanting about this book are the life lessons and extremely beneficial hacks it teaches. Dad may be a novella with only 118 pages to thumb through but it surely has several memorable lines …

Drawn to Murder

Drawn to Murder is a highly entertaining crime novella with fairly developed characters and a nice and unpredictable plot. It’s a book most readers would enjoy to read.