A Nun’s Journey

When a promising and beautiful young girl decides to become a nun and dedicate the rest of her life to such a restricted community, it would no doubt raise eyebrows among loved ones. However, in the case of Rene Reid, it did more than raise eyebrows. Although she was brought up in a strict catholic home but Rene’s life was already quite complicated while she was still little. With a father she rarely saw and a mother that was always away attending to work, her formative years weren’t anything close ideal. Would Rene survive the turbulence, even when her mother was totally against her decision? Would she eventually find true happiness? Only time would tell.

Characters in the book include Mother Schwane, Sandy, Jimmy, Peggy, Karen, Bob, Jamie, and Mary Angela etc.

A Nun’s Journey is a memoir recounting events that began around the 1960’s America, a period that witnessed significant cultural and societal changes. Although this book is a true life story, it is packed with more emotions, suspense, and absolutely enjoyable to read than a perfectly scripted nonfiction story.

Genre: Memoir, Spiritual