Art Lemon

Art Lemon was born premature and was abandoned in a trash basket. As if coming into the world in such dehumanizing state wasn’t bad enough, he Art ended up with a cleft on his lip that eventually turned him into a pariah in the eyes of others. However, the unfair rejection he suffered provided an opportunity for him to look inwards and discover he had a rare talent and with the support of his loving adoptive parents, Art was determined to turn around his fortunes. Achieving his dreams in his chosen career and finding love against all odds was worth fighting for.

Other characters in the book include Dr. Bernard, Barbara, Johnny, Amir, Deluca, Susan, Dr. Chenofsky, Joe, and Tony among others.

Art Lemon is an emotional but inspiring story with lots of lessons on perseverance, determination and courage. It is a story that will make anyone’s day!


BIO: Ed’s passion for writing started early when he began writing copy for his full service Boston based advertising agency. He copy wrote and contributed to the success of his clients businesses; from proposals to contracts, to creative writing in support of their numerous branding and advertising campaigns.

He has written articles and blogs for the largest state retailers association in the country as well as many trade publications. After a long business career Ed has redirected his efforts to writing full time.

Currently he just completed his fifth novel, a horror book, titled, “The Neighborhood at Misty Hollow Lake. “

He won the 2019 International Book Awards for best novella for his book titled, “The Great Mongolian Bowling League of the United States of America.”

His first book, “It’s a Good Day to Liquidate,” is set in the liquidation industry, where he worked for over twenty-five years of his career inside the home furnishings liquidation industry.

His second book, “Lizard of Transition,” is a historical fiction, about a world war two vet who had to confess to his son prior to his pending death. The book deals with the after effects of war and how it can impact the next generation.

Last, “The Amazing Life of Art Lemon,” is a book about a boy who is rejected at birth who ends up working in the United States predator drone program.

He’s written a two-act play, called “Hank’s Six Days of Happiness.” It’s about a man at fifty years old whose only had six days of happiness in his life. A comedy, it explore the serious issue of electric shock -therapy.

Genre: Thriller