Holy Herbs is a unique book that not only emphasizes the importance of herbs and their amazing healing properties, but also reveals their historical connections between the past and the present. The author must have conducted a lot of research, as he was able to compile and correlate the use of herbs and their efficacy in treating certain diseases over the ages. Ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Rome, China and Greece were studied, especially on how they utilized herbs and spices like coriander, saffron, garlic, pepper, mint, cedar, organo, myrrh, frankincense, rosemary, onions,

The book also made lots of references to Biblical times as well as events that occurred in places like Israel, Cyprus, and Egypt among others and their significance.

In times past, many of these herbs were used in healing health challenges like stomach ailments, headache, respiratory ailments, syphilis, gonorrhea, cataract, and even gynecological ailments among several others.

Holy Herbs equally encompassed the spiritual aspect of healing with the use of herbs. Recorded events in Holy books like the Bible, the Quran and the Hadiths were all discussed extensively.

Holy Herbs is highly recommended to those who desire to acquire more knowledge about alternative ways of obtaining healing through herbs.


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