Kind Words

Kind Words is an inspiring picture book that is ideal for children. The book basically teaches about how people can express kindness to others in a selfless way.

In today’s fast-paced world, being kind to others is an attitude that is rare to find. Lots of people now think only about themselves and their own feelings without considering others. This is the sad reality where we now find ourselves. However, this book is coming when it is most needed, and is very essential to not just children alone, but adults as well.

Kind Words can help inspire young ones to always consider other peoples’ feelings and to use kind words when passing their message across.

This book has lots of inspiring words/sentences that were accompanied with glossy cartoon-like pictures, and is highly recommended for children because it will help to shape their worldview positively.

In addition, it has a section where it outlined how to detect signs of physical abuse in children, as well as tips on how to stay safe in certain situations.


Genre: Children's