Temple of Ice is a fantasy fiction that revolves around Winter Mage Tama, her primary duty as a tushka was to help protect the city of Nevesska at all costs against Malsumi’s minions and other corrupted beings, even if it means laying down her life to ensure that.

Tama may be a powerful mage but it didn’t stop her from developing feelings for Kachina who she loved dearly.

Characters in the book include Maximilian, Masou, Kachina, Liseli, Chief Akando, Shima, Isabelle and Elan among others.

Just as the name implies, the plot weaves through snowy landscape scenery and tundra like conditions. The use of magic and sorcery as well as field battles by belligerent forces all combine to make Temple of Ice a thrilling book to read.

There is also a well detailed glossary that explains all the unique terms pertaining to the alien cultures as used in the book.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance