The Chronomancer and the Book of Worms 2

When the destiny of the Order of the Void Triangle was laid out before him, Rylin was compelled to go on a time travel back to centuries before the present, so he could witness first-hand the atrocities of ages past to enable him understand the present and also the way forward. With no form of assistance to get him prepared for the great battle that lay ahead, he resorted to intensive self-practice, books and techniques. To save Stratia, he must overcome the evil Kasarin Empire against all odds.

Aemreen was of royal birth, the only child of Malknor’s noble house yet she was caring, resilient and exceptionally pretty. However, she was unfortunately betrothed to the tyrannical Prince Amorlic against her wish. When Rylin fell in love with her, it would only lead to more trouble but they were determined to take their fate in their own hands.

Other characters in the book include Yaekrim, Borvis, Ishell, Kera, Teranen, Borik, and Kaedin among several others.

This book is a thrilling dystopian fiction complete with magic spells, sorcery, mythical creatures, witchcraft and wizardry all intertwined in such a way that makes it a great story to read.

BIO: I live with my wife Suanne and our son James, and work full time as a production associate manufacturing airbags. I have enjoyed fantasy and horror since I was six, and it has evolved to a passion. I have always had a very strong imagination, which has drawn me towards reading. Writing stories is my largest and most potent release for my imagination. I am proudly a geek to the core of my being, and I hope to give something back to geekdom in the form of my characters, worlds, and tales of magic and horror.

Genre: Fantasy, Horror