The Messiah’s Slave


The Messiah’s Slave mirrors the Biblical story of Jesus Christ, with similar settings and plot as well as characters that were slightly modified. Iesu claimed he was the messiah, he performed miracles, solved problems and all but he fell in love with Maryam, a prostitute who he decided to marry against his father’s wish.

However, unlike the recorded miracles Jesus Christ performed, Iesu gave a different account of how it actually happened as against the perception people had.

Other characters in the book include Marcus Salvo, Josef, Iesu, Metlip, Maryam, Peter, Malchus, and Solon among others.

The book captured some of the Biblical events from a different perspective that appeared to make a mockery of it and thus would be seen as offensive by some Christians who hold their faith as sacred. The Messiah’s Slave is more or less a Christian version of what “Satanic Verses” was to Muslims.


BIO: I have been many things in my life. I have been a soldier and a smuggler, an artist and activist, a screenwriter and producer. I am currently developing a television drama for a national Canadian broadcaster.

I have been around the world three times, mileage-wise, and have lived in Africa, Asia, Australia, England and the United States. I am Canadian by nationality and reside on the northern prairie. I am 61 and a fan of Ducati motorcycles.

‘The Messiah’s Slave’ is a novel I never meant to write. It began as a cathartic journal to work through life-long issues with my father, but slowly — and quite organically — the story grew from the universal themes I recognised in our relationship. How I chose the Passion narrative as my setting and the relationships of Josef, Iesu and Metlip, their Nubian slave, is a much longer story for another time.

Genre: Historical Fiction