Voyage of Pearl of the Seas is an exciting story about two fun loving kids and their adventures.

The main characters in the book are Kate, Chris, and Holly (a dog). The plot of the story is interactive in nature which helps to engage the reader even more.

This book is most appropriate for teenagers and growing kids as they would find it exciting. The plot captures the sort of activities those within that demography would find enjoyable. Also, the book was written in a casual way with lots of rhythms and equally has illustrations that will help the reader to grasp the story comprehensively.

There are also questions for discussion at the end of the book which could be used for learning purposes—it is indeed a utility book!


BIO: Ruth is a member of a local ecumenical church, has three daughters and five grandchildren (one in New Zealand), and lives in Old Bletchley, England, with her longtime husband, the historian David J Murray. She actively and enjoyably continues her research and writing, including her dream-led venture into novels and film-scripts – unexpected but somehow rooted in her experience of anthropology and of growing up in the magic of Ireland.

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult