Elsewhen – by Gary Bullock – Review

A very ‘romantic’ tale of romance-cum-science fiction containing none of the filth and fluff that the modern day sci-fi books usually have. There is hardly much in terms of ‘sexual content’ and whatever I found here was rather tame by my standards. The book deals with the age-old theme of ‘separation and reunion’ of two sweethearts, Elijah and Laura; only here, the reunion comes with a strange twist. The main story and the emotional responses of the characters are quite realistic if you take the sci-fi elements out if them, although some of the dialogs could have been a little tauter. Like the author, I too believe in the concept of soul mates and that there is someone right out there somewhere, waiting for each one of us!

As a science fiction novella, the way this book tackles the alternate realities is unique. Highly recommend for anyone who is either into science fiction or romance genres; this is one book which is guaranteed to satisfy both groups! I hope there is a sequel to it coming up some day; I would wanna read that one too!

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