13 Green Dragons

A young American soldier had arrived Vietnam as the war was raging, not knowing what to expect or what fate has in stock for him. However, the full import of what he was up against hit him when he landed and was ferreted straight to Iron Triangle otherwise known as Hell’s Half-Acre, a strategic area where fighting was fiercest as both the North and South struggle to gain control of it.

13 Green Dragons is a nonfictional real life war story about how it all went down during the Vietnam War. Granted that not a few war stories have been told, be it about the Vietnam War, or the two major World Wars among others, however, the 13 Green Dragons is refreshingly different, in-depth and mesmerizing.

Other characters in the book include First Lieutenant Winkler, Sergeant Jones, Sergeant Waters, Lieutenant Smith, Sergeant Carter, Private Johnson, Sergeant Morrison, General Ratliff, Doc, Mi Lei etc.

Reading this book would definitely give anyone the chills, as Allan Lobeck narrates the gut wrenching experiences he passed through. The suspense and anxiety is surreal, and it feels more like watching a horrifying thriller with everything in high definition display than just flipping through a book.

This book is a masterpiece no one should miss!

Genre: Historical Fiction, War