A Life Divided: A Psychologist’s Memoirs about the Double Life and Murder of Her Husband

Crime stories can be thrilling but when it is a nonfiction i.e. real life occurrence that happened to people like us, it becomes chilling and gut-wrenching. A Life Divided is an emotional story that would literally keep your heart pounding and your eyes soggy, as you read the memoirs straight from the victim’s pen.

The story revolves around Dr. W. Alan Canty or AI for short—who lived a double life. It all started when Jan Canty, a sophomore at Wayne State University got a part-time job in Alan Canty’s office. Overtime, their relationship blossomed into an intimate one and they eventually got married irrespective of concerns shown by family and friends. Little did she realize she walking down a slippery slope with someone whose entire being was a ruse—a reincarnated Charlie Chaplin!

Other characters in the book include John Carl Fry, Dawn Marie Spens, Roy Spens, Donie Carlton, Gladys Foster Canty, Alan Canty, Officer Mark Bando, Dr. Hillenberg etc.

Cass Corridor was as dangerous as most parts of Detroit were in the 1970’s and 80’s, and this was where Jan Canty had to put up with a husband who pretended to be a gentleman, but was actually a rogue. A terrible tragedy was all that was needed to unravel a can of worms.

The phrase, stranger than fiction aptly applies to this book, but seeing pictures of the characters that were involved, as well as the scenes where events took place only forces the reality to sink in that this is actually a true life story!

A Life Divided is a classic book with lots of lessons, and one everyone would certainly find interesting.


Genre: Crime, Inspirational, Memoir