April’s Heart

The story revolves around April Schweiter; a student of Greystone Junior High school, who was torn between living under the strict supervision of her overtly protective mother, as against teenage peer pressure—at a time when life is supposed to be young, wild and free. April and Mitch were both barely in their teens but they felt a connection that went beyond their innocence and naivety. Only time will tell if they will be able to overcome the storms that will come their way.

April’s Heart is a classic book that captured most of the experiences children often witness during their formative years. The plot encompassed family life, social activities, peer pressure, parenting and virtually most other challenges of everyday living.

Other characters in the book include Cassie Culligan, Vince, Owen, Michael Hill, Paul Murphy, Melissa Trotter, Jay Manino, Harriet, Mitchell Hudgins, Lisa Bloom, Lisa Golding, Chad Degroot etc.

The book is exciting and delightful to read, and has lots of lessons that would be beneficial to both parents/guardians and of course young people as well. However, the only drawback about the book is its shoddy proofreading/editing, as there were some typographical errors that ought to have been corrected accordingly.

BIO: I grew up in Morristown, NJ with my brother and sister. We share treasured memories of high school, the Jersey shore and skiing with cousins, all of which became part of April’s Heart!
I went to college in Washington, DC and became a teacher. I live in Virginia Beach, VA with my husband of thirty years. Our two boys are in their twenties making their own way in the world.
I love cooking (I’ve done some catering), taking my daily power walks and hanging out on the beach.

Genre: Coming-of-Age, Romance