Business Fables


This book is a compilation of 50 inspiring fables. Although the author made use of animal characters, she did a great job of using them to pass across inspiring messages that can help humans in making better decisions.

The fables are short but interesting stories that enable the reader to learn impactful business lessons through the experiences of animal characters. Also, at the end of each fable, there are apt quotes from great men and women across the ages, that support the lessons learnt.

Although on the face value, the book is ideal for young people but it was written in such a way that even adults will find it both enjoyable and beneficial.

Containing only 127 pages, it’s a relatively small book but one that offers great value for its readers!


BIO: Erika Schelby gained much business experience in both Europe and the U.S., traveled widely, holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Illinois, and lives/writes in New Mexico.

She is the author of Looking For Humboldt and Searching For German Footprints In New Mexico and Beyond and of Liberating the Future from The Past?he Past from the Future? which was shortlisted for the International Essay Prize Contest by the Berlin-based cultural magazine Lettre International. Her latest book Business Fables Adopted From Aesop For Humans Who Work For a Living was published in October 2022.

Ms. Schelby’s essays and articles are published by the Independent Media Institute NYC, and by Salon, AlterNet, Pressenza International Press Agency, Asia Times, CounterPunch, History News Network, LA Progressive, NationofChange, Citizen Truth, NewsClick, and more.

Genre: Business, Non-Fiction