HAPPI MONEY: Free money for all

The moment I glanced at the cover of this book, it instantly stirred curiosity within me. Although, the cover title got me thinking and I started reading to get a grip on what “Happi Money” and the other “happi” prefix/terms the author coined. However, the more I turned the pages, the more I realized that this is quite a unique book. It is indeed a radical approach by the author in trying to not just state theories but also went the extra mile to provide real practical solutions or should I say ideas, he hoped could turn the world around economically and equally help humanity to achieve greater results for the common good of all.

The author provided diverse means through which humanity could make use of what it already has with the ultimate goal of achieving absolute happiness for all. To make this happen, he advocates the eradication of what he called the “Bloatwork” along with its bureaucratic bottlenecks which would be replaced by a more simplified system of getting things done more efficiently and with better results.

Another strong area of “Happi Money” is the emphasis it laid on facts, figures and current happenings all around the globe through a different albeit unique dimension.

Without doubt, this book is at best thought-provoking and probably alarmist on its flipside. It is that type of book that one could read several times over and yet still find it intriguing on each occasion.

“Happi Money” is a must read for every adult!


BIO: UK born and educated. British Army veteran. Expatriate manager and consultant for a British trading company – in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, UK and Singapore. He subsequently set up a number of his own businesses in Hong Kong, including printing, publishing, company formations, and a computer shopping mall. He has traveled to many countries and has witnessed the poverty that still exists in the world. He believes that today’s money is a “government resource” that should be distributed directly and equally into the pockets of the world’s billions of Minorities-Of-One (MOOs). This is the quickest way to solve today’s inequality and unhappiness. Hence this book and its title “Happi” Money For All

Genre: Business, Non-Fiction, Political, Self-Help