Let’s Talk – A story of Autism and Friendship

Let’s Talk is a children’s book with a plot that centers on autism, a challenging lifelong disorder.

The story is mainly about Emma, a girl that was born with autism. However, it was told through the perspective of her best friend, Harper.

Aside being quite educative about autism and how it affects those living with it, Let’s Talk equally captures some of the tenderness and selfless acts children often exhibit.

The book is written in bold letters and has pictures that describe some of the scenes, thus making it more thrilling for children to grasp the story and to also understand how each character looks like.

Harper met Emma at the poolside. At first, she didn’t understand why Emma was behaving a little differently. However, when she was made to understand that Emma was born with a disorder that affected how she relates with the world around her, it didn’t stop Harper from developing a great friendship with her.

Let’s Talk is an interesting and engaging book that is highly recommended for kids.

Genre: Children's, Health