Rosie & The Troll

Rosie and the Troll is a captivating children’s book about a girl named Rosie. She enjoyed stories her grandma told her. Stories that were written by her great granddad and she thought they were fairytales until one day she went for a walk with Hattie into the woods and met a creature from another planet. The Troll revealed to Rosie that all the stories were real life occurrences and she was about to experience similar events.

Characters in the book include Mollie, Hattie (Labrador), Grandma, Thumblerock, Alannah, Croaken, Michael, Quizzical and Ceres (horses), Titania, Maia, Callisto, Atlas, Celaeno and Aldebaran etc.

Armed with only a little silver box and a dog, Rosie traveled to Damianos, a strange but lovely place on another planet, where she was expected to help fulfill destiny. It turned out to be an exciting adventure for Rosie.

The book is absolutely thrilling with an awesome plot and interesting characters made up of humans and animals—it will certainly be a delight to children. It is not just educational but will also expand creative imaginations in children and help them to imbibe/understand the essence of love.


BIO: I’ve been married to my lifelong partner for over 35 years. Together we’ve negotiated life’s up’s & down’s with our two sons. They are now grown up & have their own families.
We’ve lived throughout North Yorkshire following various work opportunities having finally settled in the market town of Guisborough, which is where we originally started our family life.
Like a lot of people in this area we both worked for ICI in it’s heyday. Following it’s slow demise we grasped new opportunities which took us to Thornton Le Dale in the heart of North Yorkshire for a few years.
Eventually we were drawn back to this area & ran a successful family business for over a decade in Stokesley. With Covid impacting on all our lives, home or work I decided to use the lockdown time to concentrate on my writing. I’m now writing stories for all my grandchildren which has become quite an undertaking.
My first published work is ‘Rosie & The Troll’. A Sci Fi/Fantasy adventure story with its roots firmly set in Guisborough North Yorkshire. It’s aimed at children from 8 years upwards. I’ve tried to make it a good read for all ages, especially as parents invariably get coerced into reading bedtime stories.
I have a few other titles on the drawing board so watch this web space for subsequent releases.
These include –
‘Mollie’s Rocket’ – Complete Approx. 9000 words. I’m considering adding some drawings. It then requires a professional edit.
‘Grace & Her Magic Pink Canoe’

Genre: Children's, Fantasy, Science Fiction