Mægics Heir: Druid Quest

Maegics Heir is a captivating story with a setting that dwelt on the medieval times. Although the story revolves around Etœn Bearheart, an imposing giant of a man whose strength was unrivaled, however, events were narrated through the worldview of Arias, his son.

Other characters in the book include Ariastone Côeurdrægon, Widow Grayce, Mãam Bergierre, Lilit, Jillys, Dulchè, Brüsson,  Mãamel Bræder, Argo, Scarface,  Bregœ, Moor etc.

The book has a rich plot and well developed characters, each with a distinct attitude that makes them intriguing. Another factor that makes Maegics Heir refreshingly different from any other random book is the amazing way the author infused a peculiar sort of ancient English that is fun and easy to understand—an apt way of aligning the plot with its medieval dateline.

At 445-page-long, the book is fairly large with endless twists and turns that will keep its reader engrossed while curiously flipping the pages till the very end.

Lastly, it is gratifying to note that the adventure has not ended yet since there is going to be a continuation of the story in the coming series.

Genre: Fantasy