Pentagon Pirate Gang

Edward was a Jamaican man married to an English woman named Amber and the have two children. Eleven-year old Aime is smart and has a mysterious internal cooling system that helped her a lot during summer while her brother Oro, is two years younger and a little head strong.

The kids were in high spirits as they embarked on summer camp adventure organized by the School of Fruit Teaching. Mrs. Blackfruit had to reel out the four critical rules that must be obeyed by all the children. However, six long weeks of no contact with the outside world was only going to be a battle of wits between the adventurous kids and their teachers who struggled to maintain order.

Characters in the book include Mr. Stepson, Violer, Sky (a dog), Gramon, Sarah, Rowena, Mrs. Gremlin, Andrea, Mr. Thornby, Mrs. Peaches, and Semia etc.

Pentagon Pirate Gang is an entertaining children’s book with lots of adventures and lessons to learn—it’s indeed a delight to read!


BIO: J W Nelson writes comes from a large family in England (born in Birmingham) and inspired to write in multiple genres, from adult comedy/drama (Company of Fools) to poetry (Poems for the Festive Season; both on Amazon).

Now he writes YA mystical adventures, and Poetic based stories for younger children (unpublished), focussing on ethnic based lead characters interwoven into stories, using the local area where he lives in Nottinghamshire, whilst passing himself off as a football coach, dancer and disc jockey. He can resonate with poetic works and books which has personal appeal and he is active in writers’ groups (Vocal/ Writers Uni/Curtis Brown Creative/Twitter – @jwnelson3)

Genre: Young Adult