Silent Legacy: Part 1

Kenton Collins was at the airport waiting for his wife and daughter to arrive, he couldn’t wait to have them back after a long while being apart. However, an unexpected announcement over the loudspeaker would bring his life to a standstill.

As one begins to turn the pages of Silent Legacy, it will prove a tough time trying to decipher who the main character is, considering that the plot keeps moving back and forth while bringing up new characters, each of whom appears to be playing a central role. However, all thanks to the author, each new twist in the plot comes with heightened suspense and a sense of foreboding.

Glen Norton was beginning to adjust to life in prison, but it wasn’t anything related to how everyday living used to be—now he had to contend with the absurd, crazy and surreal while hoping to keep his sanity.

Characters in the book include Lana Moore, Juliana Spencer, Glen Norton, Oliver Paxton, Kenton Collins, Lieutenant Bruno Brawling, Germund Keel,

Silent Legacy has a rich plot that is interwoven around a few major characters such as Kenton, Glen and Lana. The book is quite interesting and can be addictive until the last page!

Genre: Crime, Romance, Thriller
Series: Silent Legacy |