Yaakov the Pirate Hunter

Yaakov the Pirate Hunter is a family oriented book that centers on a Jewish boy named Yaakov. It has a futuristic dateline with events occurring around the year 2025, and captured some of the fun activities children partake in while growing up as well as their perspective on sundry issues around them.

Other characters in the book are Yosef and Rachel; Yaakov’s siblings, their parents; Yehuda and Leah, their four intelligent robots; AutoRizer, AutoShoveler,  AutoGrubber, and Digital Drudge, Mr. Sitoop, Mr. Sapir, and Bobby the Brute among others.

Aside its intriguing plot that involved a treasure hunt, the book is equally educative and informative and covered many areas of study such as geography, biology, physics, history, animal science, archaeology etc.

Some of the attributes that make Yaakov the Pirate Hunter fantastic include the active roles the kid characters played in the book as well as the way scenes and events were narrated in a clear and concise way for better understanding. Likewise, the rich and interesting plot that involves going after pirates is the type of story that will capture the minds of kids in a fascinating and imaginative way.

Its ending also has lessons for kids as they are made to understand that crime does not pay.


BIO: Nathaniel Wyckoff was born and raised in the beautiful San Fernando Valley of Southern California. From an early age, he was profoundly interested in reading, writing, telling, and listening to stories.

Though he works in a technical field, he counts storytelling among his favorite activities. Nathaniel’s storytelling career took flight with the births of his children. His children enjoy all kinds of stories, but most of Nathaniel’s stories for them involve zany adventures and confrontations with wacky bullies. Nathaniel’s first novel, Yaakov the Pirate Hunter, was inspired by his son’s request for a story about robots. It combines elements of science, adventure, and Nathaniel’s beloved Jewish tradition. As the Peretz Family Adventures Series continues, Nathaniel’s children continue to serve as a source of inspiration.

In addition to writing, he also enjoys studying his Jewish traditions, reading, playing the accordion and the piano for his family, playing games and sports with his children, and taking his family on hiking trips, daring explorations of winter snow, and other assorted adventures.

Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction