Brothers in Atlantis: A Steamy Gay Erotic Novella (2nd Edition) – by Michael Mardel – Review

Solid erotic atmosphere but the ending falls short of expectations

First off, I love how the author builds up both a solid atmosphere as well as a solid character in just one paragraph; both descriptions are so strong and vivid that you feel like you are quite familiar with them:

“It was a dark night. The clouds scudded across the sky obliterating the moon. The wind could be heard soughing in the trees and the waves crashed on the shore below. There was a hut where a Brother waited, a dark cloak shrouding him and keeping him warm. His features were pointed, like he had been subjected to the cold a lot. His black hair was cut in a tonsure and sandals enclosed his feet. Even his toes looked cold. ”

Robert’s character is quite realistically portrayed: his past, his repressed desires and sexual frustrations are brought out aptly in the ebook:

“He had experimented himself and had had a wonderful orgasm. Each day he slipped away and pummelled his cock but he needed more than vague thoughts to bring himself off. ”

The next passages describe how he used his creativity to satisfy his sexual desires and how it was never enough.

There is also quite a bit of laidback humor all over the book. The following dialog from the chapter on initiation gave me a chuckle:

“You have denied yourself for too long, Brother. Let it all hang out. We will collect your seed to use with the local women.”

The last chapter somewhat dragged on and indeed became boring as a ‘routine’. It was sort of anticlimactic; I had expected a somewhat twisted finish. Nonetheless, I admire the author for his creativity at writing erotica. The book offers a mixed bag: if you can envision a journey from eroticism into mysticism then this is a great book for you.

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