Corner Office: A Real Answers Investigations Mystery – by Aria Grace – Review

This is quite a sexy book dwelling on gay romance which starts on a rather serious note. The serious vein is continued throughout, but in-between you get dollops of m/m romance to make your day! Apart from Jay the “widow” and Doug, one fascinating character is Ethan Brown. It is in fact how the character is introduced that I cannot help but be fascinated with. He “was the fourth member of our somber group. He rested his arm on my shoulder and rubbed the top of my head. He knew plenty about being alone but for him it was by choice. He was a self-proclaimed manwhore and wore the badge with pride. Men, women and likely the occasional farm animal, knew he was all about living in the moment without letting labels or traditions interfere with happiness. ”

His character description is justified by his ‘action’ a few moments later, “Eventually, his touch became firmer and he took me into his mouth. After only a few minutes of his expert attention, I was pouring into him at an embarrassing rate. Not only were the sounds coming out of my throat deep and low, but the convulsions as my body expelled that tension would have drowned a lesser man. Ethan just smiled around me as he milked me dry. “Even in spite of hot, milky sex scenes like these, the real world atmosphere is not forgotten for a second. For instance, the attitude of the police/authorities toward the ‘unconventional’ lifestyle of Jay is very much real. I have read quite a number of Aria Grace’s books and I am glad that she has tried something new here: office romance with a backdrop of crime investigation. The way the story ends is quite unexpected. There is novelty, both in the story as well as the way it is presented; you don’t get to read books like these everyday!

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