Inside Information – by Tony Thorne MBE – Review

These pieces are very humorous. Some are probably anecdotes from the authors’ life, but in any case, a lot of these pieces have one or other kind of moral (universal truths) attached to them. For instance, there is a piece which teaches us what NOT to poke your ear hole with (it can be dangerous).

Another one is nothing short of a succinct parenting advice which applies to a lot of parents; incidentally, the very next piece is about how parents put their children down by offering them a prototype of what the real thing, like offering a ‘kiddie’ computer instead of a real one; probably they underestimate their kids’ abilities so much that they don’t trust them to handle a real computer; the truth is, due to this, even when the child grows into an adult, he continues to believe he cannot handle a real computer.

The next piece is of a man reminiscing about the oedipal crush he had on an older woman as a boy and how he still envies her pet pup for being closer to her bosom than he was!

There are also pieces on success and failure, greed and temptation, self-introspection, mental health, etc. As you can see, you can also call it a quasi-self-help ebook.

There are also sad pieces too, such as in ‘Countdown’ where an old man suffering from extreme forgetfulness (perhaps Alzheimer’s?) wonders why it has to be this way in old age. The next piece, which is actually my favorite, is an advice to old men who are about to retire – on maintaining domestic peace; I found the line “Don’t pick a fight with your wife, even if she’s smaller than you.” very humorous yet so true!

Overall, I am very glad to read this ebook full of extraordinary life lessons written in simple and lucid, even if satiric language. I will acknowledge that some of the pieces were so esoteric that they went straight over my head, however, in spite of that, I have no problem in recommending this ebook. As an aside, many of the jokes found in this ebook are extremely funny and I suggest that you try them out on your friends.

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