Storyteller Walkabout Workbook: write your own historical story in 10 easy lessons – by Michael Mardel – Review

Anyone who is interested in learning about the art of storytelling without any of the usual ‘talk down’ found in the books of ‘self-styled gurus’ should get this ebook. I have not seen a simpler writing style than this. The step-by-step methods are something a newbie can follow quite easily even if he has no previous experience with storytelling. On the surface it teaches you how to write your own aboriginal stories based on the tradition and culture of Australia but the info shared in it is helpful for anyone who is into writing historical fiction because the core stuff remains the same. I believe the scope of this ebook is much wider than the author’s blurb.

I believe one of the most important lessons in the book is lesson #2. It explains how to frame stories based on 1950’s people, but move 400 years back and the core principles remain the same. The chapter starts like this:

“One of your tasks is to discover how your relations or people lived in the first half of the 20th century.”

Then it goes on to explain the kind of stories you can frame based on this period. Likewise, lesson # gets into great detail about how you should revise your text, which I believe is very important for any serious author. Lesson #8 -9 explains how to conduct interviews and organize them in order to gain further insight on the respective time period.

I was always in awe of historical fiction authors due to the way they could magically create authentic worlds based on time periods set centuries ago. Now I know their secret formula, thanks to Mr. Mardel’s book. In short, you are going to learn everything from where to go to start your research, how to organize your research and turn them into stories, etc.

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