The Singularity is Coming: The Artificial Intelligence Explosion – by Tony Thorne MBE – Review

This is a futuristic or dystopian fiction ebook, but calling it ‘science fiction’ would be an insult because the assertions author makes are not just idle speculations a science fiction writer makes in his cocoon, but rather stuff which are backed by solid proof gleaned from the present. After reading this ebook, I would not be surprised if a Terminator-like creature is really invented someday. In fact, the seeds of the same are being sown right at present, as the author says; the machines which we find helpful today may metamorphose into something more powerful which can think and act on their own with little human help (to illustrate his point, the author gives an example of a machine which can beat even the world champions at the game of chess).

Yes, I believe this and many other strange things that the author mentions CAN happen. However, I am not as paranoid as the author sounds. I believe that whatever may come in future, goodness and virtue will always take over the evil (no, I am not hopelessly optimistic; I draw this conclusion from my life experiences). We certainly cannot control the future fully, but we can always hope for the best.

I would still suggest that you read it because it is good to be aware of what the future holds for us (the bright and not-so-bright stuff). The writing style is not full of jargon but written in simple and straightforward language any layman can decipher easily without a dictionary by his side. The story of Clayton included in here was interesting, as was the recommended reading list. I couldn’t however, give it 5-stars due to its somewhat pessimistic tone.

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