Trick Or Treat Or Murder (A Mellow Summers Paranormal MysterySeries: Book 8) – by Janet McNulty – Review

The title of the book itself is provocative enough but the story is even more so. I loved the fact that it is a simple yet engaging murder mystery without the usual bs found in a lot of modern horror books. I only wish I had it with me on last year’s Halloween; would have been the perfect way to scare my naughty little nephew who is very much into tricking and treating.

I see here that some of the readers are complaining about the length of the story. Well length is never a good enough criterion to judge a book in my opinion; it is like judging a book by its cover, and these kinds of judgments usually turn out to be fallacious. The main things a reader should keep in mind to judge a book are:

Does the story entertain them?

Do the characters grow during the course of the story?

Is the plot original?

Does the book offer a thrilling read? Does the story keep them in tenterhooks till the very end?

Can they sympathize with the characters and their predicament? Are the characters fleshed-out well?

If the answer is “YES” to all these questions then the money is truly well spent. For me the book did all these and more: it helped me pass a boring Friday with ease! Highly recommended.

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